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Welcome back to another outstanding SMCDaily! As the editor here on SMC, I may have casually mentioned before, I have some additional hobbies (besides this site), which of course include playing Video Games and collecting vintage toys. While the video game hobby certainly overlaps a ton with the idea of running a Cosplay based site, the vintage toy hobby does not, until now! Sometimes when we see cool things in our subscribed feeds on social media, we come across cosplay that we just know we have to feature, and this is one of those posts. Of course by this time you’ve already seen the title of this post and know what we are referring to. This post features the amazing talents of Joe Colton Cosplay and her amazing collection of GI Joe Cosplay.

Photographer: Maze Studios
Photographer: Rick Currier

As a kid from the ’80s, a few things were a constant. A love for all things when it comes to action figures, which of course included items like GI Joe and Transformers. Now as an adult with my own income, a portion of that income helps support my “plastic crack” “addiction” / hobby of buying and collecting vintage toys. I have a lot of GI Joe and Transformers from the ’80s, a whole room full really. So when I came across @joecoltoncosplay a few times recently in my feed, I figured it was time to properly feature her work on the site, and effectively have a hobby cross over. So we reached out and Joe was more than happy to provide us with an awesome selection of GI joe inspired cosplay to feature on our site.

The Baroness
Photographer: CW Photography
Cobra Trooper
Photographer: @happytriggerla

Did I forget to mention what GI joe is? I’m assuming there may be a portion of our followers that aren’t familiar with this series, as it may have been before their time. That being said, GI Joe has been around since the ’50s but made it really big for me personally in the ’80s with the “GI Joe Real American Hero” line. Every kid from the ’80s had joes to play with, and damn they were cool. More recently there have been a few big-budget action movies based on the property and a few cartoon series. For me, the vintage part comes back to the 80’s line which, I still collect to this day. You can also find a call back to this line in the aisle of your local Walmart with the GI Joe Retro line. Go check them out.

Cobra Viper
Photographer @bryanhumphrey
Crimson Baroness
Photographer:  @gsmiley007

Now back to the cosplay, as that would be the primary reason most of you would be here. Of course, if you’re not already following Joe Colton Cosplay, please take a moment to go give her a follow. Personally, I for one, hope she continues to make many more GI Joe cosplay, as she has done a remarkable job of bringing some of my favourite childhood characters to life. While classic female characters such as GI Joe’s Scarlett and Cobra’s Baroness are expected from any female Joe fan (and much appreciated), it is the awesome works of her Viper and Serpentor that really take her love of GI Joe to the next level. Joe sent us a ton of amazing cosplay our way and picked out some of our favourite classics to feature, that being said there are a ton of more joes that Joe cosplays as well.

Also let’s give all of the cosplay photographers that were responsible for all of the shots featured in today’s SMCDaily. Cosplayers and Photographers work hand and hand to give us these shots to enjoy. The photographers have been tagged for each of the shots, if you see something you like, check them out and give them some love.

Photographer: @eurobeat_kasumi_ebk

Editor’s note: If anyone out there has old GI Joes in their garage/basement that they don’t want any more, please feel free to reach out to me. E-mail: Happy to take them off your hands.

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Pool life Baroness
Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi