Sylvie Cosplay is one of the best things DisneyPlus has given us

Sylvie Cosplay

By now I think it’s more than fair to say, if you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all, you’ve probably already watched Disney’s Loki series. So let’s talk about that for a few, while we certainly won’t go deep into the plot and give anything away, please be warned if you still haven’t finished the first season, we don’t blame you if you skip the text. That being said, we’re all here to see Cosplay, the conversation will be light, but like always you could just scroll to see the Sylvie Cosplay below. Your choice.

As an active member of the cosplay community, the idea of a “Fem Loki”, is nothing really that new. While we certainly do love a good genderbend cosplay, Female Loki is pretty commonplace these days. While that is certainly more than true, Disney / Marvel Studios have done an exceptional job of giving us a true heir to the throne of “Fem Loki” in the idea of Sylvie. Early on in the story, Marvel sets up this mysterious “bad guy” as the root of all things going wrong in the timeline, and of course, this plays out to be none other than a variant Loki, in the form of Sylvie. Sylvie was by far one of the best things to come out of the Loki series, I found that I personally really like how they developed the character, and I really can’t wait to see more of her, and the story we have been taken on in Season 2.

If you follow us on Social Media, you may have seen the pictures on our feed, as we really liked this cosplay, so much so we figured we just had to feature it here on the site. Cosplayer Paper Moon Cosplay (Instagram) has done a truly fantastic job of really bringing Sylvie to life with this cosplay. There is something truly special with what Paper Moon has managed to capture with this cosplay, I think the creative team at Disney / Marvel would be proud of this one. You can totally see why we felt the need to return to this and feature several of the other photos that Paper Moon had sent to us in a submission. The Crown, the hair, the makeup and the outfit, all come together so perfectly. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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