Summertime Asuka cosplay is here & is a must-see

It’s closing in on the end of May 2020, and the heat is starting to hit. Summertime is closing in and is ready to full tilt at most places around North America. This year is certainly a bit of a different one as normally we’d be well into con season by now, but we will survive. Cosplayers will still create amazing works of art and we are here to continue to feature them for everyone to enjoy. Now let’s get to some amazing Asuka Cosplay!

Cosplayer Kijin cosplay (Instagram) has been featured on the pages of our Instagram recently and we asked Kijin to send us something to grace the pages of Here we go, so happy to be able to feature her stunning summertime Asuka cosplay. That yellow dress along with the vacation perfect inspired scenery really makes this shoot pop. Cosplay Photographer FLO (Instagram) does a really epic job with these shots.

Asuka cosplay is everywhere these days, as Asuka is one of those truly amazing characters that everyone seems to love. A key character that can be found in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka is a said to be a 14-year-old Second Child trained to be an EVA pilot. But we assume you already know all of the background, and are really here to check out the cosplay.

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Photo by: @flo.graphic
Photo by: @flo.graphic
Photo by: @flo.graphic
Photo by: @flo.graphic

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