Starfire Cosplay is ready to light up the night

Growing up primarily a fan of all things Marvel, my general knowledge on all things DC is a little lacking at times. With that out of the way, you’ll have to excuse me for my shortcomings on future DC comics-based articles. However I do know a little about Starfire, but I do have one question, where are her friends from Teen Titans GO! I’m sure I’ve already lost you with this text, so let’s get into it and check out this truly awesome Starfire Cosplay.

With being really more into Marvel as a kid, I never got to know all of the characters DC had to offer. So of course when someone mentions Starfire to me, I immediately think of TeenTitansGO! and the crazy foolish happenings on that show. Of course, that is not the version we are showcasing here today, as this version is way more badass!

Cosplayer Ms. Margaret Jean (Instagram) really takes it to the next level, literally taking off to head there in the first shot below. Not sure about you, but all of the colours really manage to pop for us when seeing these shots. The orange vs the purple really makes it stand out. Then you add the stunning colouring of the wig from red to orange and you have yourself one outstanding Starfire Cosplay.

We have to give credit where it is due, Cosplay Photographer Jeff Zoet Visuals (Instagram) has done a truly fantastic job with the edits. The main one featuring all of the special effects looks like they are straight out of a feature film. Speaking of feature films, when are we going to see Starfire on the big screen? Jeff has really done nice work on this shoot and if you are not already, we highly recommend you follow him on Social Media so you can find even more amazing cosplay shots and discover many more super talented cosplayers.

For now, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the article, so you don’t miss a single shot of this spectacular Starfire Cosplay by Ms. Margaret Jean. and we will see you in the next SMCDaily coming soon to a screen near you.

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