This Star Guardian Lux cosplay is Legend!

Star Guardian Lux

Last post (Pool Party Cosplay) we made an Editor’s note that we completely dropped the ball and forgot to include any League of Legends skins, so we are trying to make up for that snafu. We figured we’d get something League of Legends up for the time being, because who doesn’t love this game. So Like we mentioned in our note from the last post we do have an open call for anyone that might have some League Pool Party submissions. For now, let’s check out this amazing Star Guardian Lux Cosplay!

Star Guardian Lux Cosplay - Yoso Cosplay - A.Z. Production
Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay

Over the years we’ve come across a ton of amazing Cosplay Photographers and this set is from one of those Photographers. A.Z. Production (Instagram / Twitter) is one of the most talented creators we’ve come across in all of our time going over cosplay. The material A.Z. Production creates is truly stunning. Although we normally run on submissions for this site, we actually decided to reach out and ask if he was interested in collaborating. We’re so glad A.Z. Production accepted and we were able to put this feature together to properly highlight some of this outstanding workmanship. The quality of his work can easily be seen in every single one of these shots. If as a cosplay you have the opportunity to work with A.Z. Production make sure you jump at it, you won’t be disappointed.

Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay
Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay

The other side to this coin is Yoso Cosplay’s (Instagram) portrayal of League of Legends Star Guardian Lux. Wow, she has really done a number at perfecting her cosplay. Everything from her staff to the outfit look like they just game over from the head offices of Riot Games, and were simply plucked from the video game assets. A lot of work has gone into this cosplay and it certainly shows. Pair that with a ton of spectacular poses and you’ve got your self a top-notch cosplay to photograph. We really hope the team at Riot Games has seen this shoot because it’s epic for sure. This Star Guardian Lux Cosplay is certainly become a new favourite of ours, how about you?

Star Guardian Lux Cosplay - Yoso Cosplay
Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay
A.Z. Production - Star Guardian Lux
Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay

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Star Guardian Lux Cosplay
Photographer: A.Z.Production | Cosplayer: Yoso Cosplay

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