10 Outstanding Mortal Kombat Cosplay

Mortal Kombat Cosplay

Like most people, there is always at least one video game series you hold near and dear to your heart. For me, that game is Mortal Kombat. I’ve been an avid fan of the game since the original game was released but saw my obsession with the series ramp up with the release of Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. These games will forever be considered true classics. While I have certainly enjoyed some of the new entries in the series, its the older original entries always bring back so many fond memories. This is why this post features Mortal Kombat Cosplay.

It’s often said here that Video games and Cosplay and very closely related, and when it comes to such a historic series such at Mortal Kombat, this definitely holds true. Since Mortal Kombat has been around for such a long time, the game has a ton of truly amazing characters to base cosplays on. We’ve done our best to pick out a few of our favourite cosplays to highlight those character selections below.

Disclaimer, we aren’t going to pretend for a moment that this list represents all of our favourite MK cosplay. We normally save anything we come across in our day to day feed, with the purpose of highlighting some of those entries in features like this one. You can expect to see more of these type features in the future, with ones highlighting Black Widow, Mera and Samus Aran just to name a few. Let us know what other characters you would like to see featured in the comments section below.

Editors Note: To help with my MK obsession. I have my fingers crossed that someday I can pick up a Mortal Kombat Arcade 1up machine. Those look sweet!

Round 1! Fight


@Lisa.Mancinerh with a truly stunning Mortal Kombat and Frozen mashup. Elsa and SubZero are the perfect match! Lisa does such awesome work, make sure you check out her profile for more great creations.


@rociocosplayer seems to always make it on our top 10 lists. This time rocking one hell of an amazing Scorpion. It’s those eyes, they just take your soul away!


@amberbriteprops truly manages to create some amazing stuff. This shot of her Milenna is awesome. That’s one crazy smile Amber is rocking there.


@drymartini_cosplay does such an amazing job as MK’s Kitana. Little known fact one of our amazing Kitana’s shots was originally supposed to be in our 2020 calendar but was switched for something different.


@morpheus_cosplay prints his unique abilities to that of MK’s Reptile, with such pure awesomeness. This was a must include in our first MK top 10


@rincosplaynyc and her genderbend Raiden, looking truly badass in this throwback shot. Raiden is such a classic MK character.


@wonderwomancosmaker stole our Instagram hearts when we first saw her outstanding Jade cosplay. She certainly knows how to twirl that staff of hers!


@justyeliz has a number of amazing MK related cosplays under her belt, but we choose to go with this double dose of her Noob Saibot.


@bethanymaddock “Get Over Here”, bring the heat with one amazing genderbend Scorpion. Such a badass edit. It was a must share.


@herbztiu & @t.h.e.invasion this duo bringing the action to a shoot. Check out more shots from this “Match” on their profile.

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Did you enjoy this post? Let us know which shot was your favourite and also what other cosplayers would you like to see us feature in an upcoming post. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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