SMCgaming: EA Access on PlayStation

PlayStation EA Access

While most of my gaming takes place on the Xbox platform, one of the amazing things that have come from that is EA Access. While currently it’s has been rolled into Xbox Game Pass ultimate, which is arguably one of the best deals in the gaming industry right now, the base service is available on PlayStation. While it is a little late to come to the platform, it’s worth checking out, and we have done a video about it for you, to try and help you out in case you’re not familiar with it. EA Access is a good service and glad to see all of the PlayStation users now have a chance to try it out.

We’ve said it before cosplay and video games go hand and hand, and will forever be linked. We figured if all of our favourite big-name video game sites can have cosplay sections, why can’t we have a video game section. Seems fair right? As we try and grow our YouTube channel, our love for Video Games has really helped us find love for making videos.

We will continue to do a mix of Gaming and Cosplay videos over on our YouTube channel and that won’t change. For now, we ask for your support in this endeavour and check out some of our videos and ask you to consider subscribing to our channel. We’d love to see some of your thoughts in the comment section of each video.

For now, watch the video to learn about PlayStation EA Access.

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