SMCDaily: Sheenah is back and ready for a fight!

Cosplayer Sheenah Cosplay is back on the site and ready for action! With Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 coming later this month, this is a great time to showcase another classic game from Capcom, “Dino Crisis”. Agent Sheenah’s (Twitter / Instagram) Regina is totally badass, and she has done an awesome job being so faithful to the character with her cosplay.

Sheenah-Dino Crisis

In case you’re not familar with Capcom’s Dino Crisis, the game was originally released in 1999 on the orginal Sony PlayStation. The game revolved around “The Secret Operation Raid Team” which included Regina and three other members. Their job was to investigate a research facility on a fictional island, where it was suspected a secret weapons project was on going. Like all survival horror games, things go south and you and whats left of your team have to try and escape the situation. Did we mention there were dinosaurs? Will you survive?

Sheenah-Dino Crisis

The game had great reviews when it was released and even managed to spawn several sequels and spinoffs. The last game in the series was Dino Crisis 3 which was released on Xbox in 2003.

Sheenah-Dino Crisis

The game certainly has a bit of a cult following with a lot of interest coming from fans to revive the game for current console generations. At the time of publishing this article there haven’t been any annoucements, however every year the rumor of a Dino Crisis 4 in development seems to make the round. Maybe one day? Let us know if you’d like to play a DC4 or a possible remake / remaster in the comments below.

Sheenah-Dino Crisis

Just a quick thanks for Sheenah Cosplay for sending these amazing shots for us to feature here on our page. Like always sending us submissions via e-mail is the best way to get your work featured here on our site. Also we want to make sure we to another shout out to the amazing photographers that made this photos happen. Cosplay photographers certainly make the magic happen and we appreciate all of thier hard work!

Photos by:
Dan Seiter Photography (Facebook)
Bahamutnight Photography (Facebook)
Natidu Photography (Facebook)

Sheenah-Dino Crisis

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