SMCDaily: One True 2B that you just have to see!

nier automata

As an avid gamer, I find this hard to say, but I have to admit I haven’t actually played Nier Automata as of yet. As an editor of a cosplay based site, I’m very familiar with the character, but it’s a little weird that I haven’t taken the opportunity to experience the journey her character undertakes. Now this is partially my fault, as my platform of choice is Xbox, and the game is only available digitally on the system, unlike on the PlayStation where you can pick up the game used fairly easy for cheap. That being said it doesn’t stop us from featuring 2b cosplay.

That being said 2b cosplay has definitely become one of our all-time favourites to feature over on our Instagram feed, and can you blame us? The character has so much depth and every cosplayer seems to put their own spin on her.

We’ve had these shots from Russian Cosplayer Aris Cosplay (IG) in our inbox for way longer than we should have, so figured today was a great day to bust them out to share with you.

Aris_cosplay - 2b cosplay
2b cosplay - Aris_cosplay

Make sure you check out Aris on Instagram to see even more amazing cosplays from her. Also with any luck, we hope to get our hands on our very own copy of the game very soon, so we can complete the cycle of video game to cosplay.

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Aris_cosplay 2b Cosplay

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