Share My Cosplay Daily: Nick Nack’s Winter Shoot!

The holiday season is upon us and moving very fast. That can only mean one thing, it’s time for some holiday themed cosplay!

This is the first of several Holiday inspired cosplay posts we will be doing. The next one will feature submissions we requested via our Instagram Stories and Twitter.

#TeamSMC’s Nick Nack’s Photography was out and about recently and managed to catch up to some of your favorite cosplayers and their amazing holiday themed cosplays.

This post has everything Hela, 2B, Sailor Mars, Jack & Elsa and even has a little Jinx throw in on the side. What more could you ask for?

I’m not sure about you, but the holidays are always fun and holiday themed cosplay just makes everything so much better. We will be posting a ton of holiday cosplay on our social media. Make sure you don’t miss any and give us a follow on your favorite social media platform.

Nick always does such an awesome job, we’re so glad he is part of the team. If you’re a cosplayer in the Califorina area, feel free to contact Nick to see if you can schedule some shoot time with him!

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Holiday 2B Cosplay

Holiday Jinx Cosplay Holiday Sailor Mars Cosplay
Holiday Sailor Mars Cosplay Jack and Elsa cosplay

Jack and Elsa Cosplay Jack and Elsa Cosplay

Holiday Mars cosplay Holiday Mars cosplay
Holiday Hela Cosplay Holiday Hela Cosplay
Holiday Hela Cosplay Holiday 2B cosplay

AngiViper (Elsa), Sylvia Slays (Hela), criccicricci (Sailor Mars), Hannah.reverie (2B), & Rose L. Cosplay (Jinx)

Photographer: Nick Nack’s Photography | Facebook | Instagram Twitter |

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