SMCDaily featuring Mircosplay as Poe Dameron

Back again with more of MirCosplay  and her amazing style.

While we’re still recovering from a power outage that impacted our office, you’ll have to excuse us if our graphics aren’t up to our usual standard, it’s taking us a bit of time to get back to being 100% fully operational.

That being said, we have more amazing shots courtesy of MirCosplay. This time she is taking the side of the resistance with her Poe Dameron shoot. This ties in great with the upcoming release of a new animated series from Disney in which takes place before the events of Episodes 7 & 8 when the first order is just coming to power. Disney’s Star Wars Resistance premieres in early October, keep an eye out for it.

Photographer Jose Manchado certainly comes through once again and like always does some truly amazing work. Make sure you check out his work over on social media (see links below).

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Photographer: Jose Manchado| Facebook || Instagram | Twitter |

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