SMCDaily: MirCosplay offers up Magic with Hermione

Harry Potter

SMCDaily regular MirCosplay (IG) is back and gracing our pages as everyone’s favourite Wizard Hermione. Forget about Harry Potter, the star of this post is Hermione Granger.

MirCosplay - Side by Side
Side by Side

I think it’s pretty fair to say you’re either all in with JK Rowling’s Wizards or you’re not in at all. I find there aren’t many people that are in the middle on the series. Because of that you basically either love it or not really into it. What are your thoughts?

If you’ve seen some of our previous posts from MirCosplay, you know she certainly brings her own unique style to a shoot. MirCosplay has made a career of bringing a more adult inspired look to most of her shoots. We rather applaud her for always successfully mashing up her style with the original source material.

Her partner in crime is well-known cosplay photographer Jose Manchado (IG). Jose seems to really manage to capture something special with every shoot he does with MirCosplay. Wanting to see more of Hermione? Make sure you head over to Instagram to see additional shots from this shoot and more outstanding cosplays.

MirCosplay Hermione
Photo by: Jose Manchado
Hermione MirCosplay
Photo by: Jose Manchado
MirCosplay - Book / Wand
Photo by: Jose Manchado

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