SMCDaily featuring MirCosplay as Daenerys

MirCosplay Daenerys

You can already feel the hype starting to build. Game of Thrones is on it’s way back to TV, and the world can’t wait. Cosplayer MirCosplay is once again back being featured on our pages, sending us her outstanding Daenerys to share with all of our readers.

Being the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys can handle some tight situations. We last left her in Season 7, riding high on her very large Dragons eliminating all armies that come her way.

MirCosplay has certainly made a name of her self, as with every cosplay she does they quality and details on work continues to go up and up. If you’re not already, make sure you follow her on Social Meda.

This is quite possibly one of the “Hottest” picture sets we’ve featured on our site. Bringing us all the way back to the end of the first couple of Seasons, 
xbecomes one with the fire.

How will the battle for westdros play out? The world is waiting and I for one will be there eagerly awaiting the premiere of the best show on TV. 


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Photographer: Jose Manchado| Facebook || Instagram | Twitter |

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