SMCDaily: Mircosplay | Bounty Hunter Boba Fett

MirCosplay is back again!

Every day we hear of new Star Wars rumors. Rumors about what movies are moving forward into production, which ones have been potentially cancelled, and we all wonder how it will all turn out.

One movie that I’m personally looking forward to, and have my fingers crossed that makes it to production is a Boba Fett movie. It seem’s like our good friend MirCosplay is also interested in Boba Fett’s adventures as can be seen by the pictures below.

The Team of MirCosplay and  Jose Manchado once again team up to send us these amazing shots of her genderbending bounty hunter cosplay.

MirCosplay certainly does enjoy the Star Wars universe, and we can only hope we continue to see her cosplay more characters from that Galaxy far far away in the coming months. (See Han Solo)

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Mircosplay | Boba Fett Mircosplay | Boba Fett

Mircosplay | Boba Fett


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