SMCDaily: The Lord of the Rings Group shot!

The Lord of the Rings is considered to by one of the most epic movie series ever and for good reason. Crazy characters, beautiful landscapes and an over arching story. It has everything.

TeamSMC’s resident West Coast photography Nick Nack’s Photography or Nick as we like to call him, sent these to us a little while ago, but unfortunately we are just getting to them now.

Cosplayers Helloiambird, Underthenerdhood, Luciferbob & Arkady Cosplay certainly doing an awesome job on this group shot. So many epic poses, combined with action ones. Nick really did an amazing job shooting this little piece of the LOTR trilogy.

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Witchking – helloiambird (Instagram)
Galadriel – Underthenerdhood (Instagram)
Arwen – Luciferbob (Instagram)
Eowyn – Arkadycosplay (Instagram)

Photographer: Nick Nack’s Photography | Facebook | Instagram Twitter |

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