KDA Akali is Ready! This League skin is a killer!

We do feature a lot of League of Legends cosplay here on the site and like previously mentioned, for good reason. Do you guys like the KDA skins? I think KDA Akali is one of our favs!

We are back at it again with more League cosplay for you, this time up is a quick set of cosplayer Suiko cosplay (IG) with her Akali KDA. These shots were taken by cosplay photographer Midoucloud (IG), and we really happen to like them a lot. What do you guys think?

We’re not sure about you guys, but we love everything KDA when it comes to League of Legends. The group really rocks. We love seeing it in your mailbox, so if you’re a fellow cosplayer feel free to send us some more our way.

Photo by: @midoucloud Photo by: @midoucloud Photo by: @midoucloud
League of Legends KDA
Photo by: @midoucloud
LOL Cosplay - KDA Akali
Photo by: @midoucloud
KDA Akali
Photo by: @midoucloud

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