SMCDaily: Kira chi cosplay with a Brillant Ranger Sylvanas

Heading into late October, it can only mean one thing, Blizzcon 2019 is almost upon us. While most of the world is still currently upset with Blizzard Entertainment, and thier handling of one of thier top HearthStone players political opinons, the convention will still move forward. While we certainly don’t agree with how Blizzard handled the situation, it’s not going to stop us from featuring amazing cosplay and looking forward to all that Blizzcon is expected to bring.

All that said, check out these oustanding shots featuring Kira chi cosplay (IG). Cosplayer Kira chi cosplay is proably most widely know for her oustanding Sylvanas and for good reason. She has done many different varations of the character and we’d highly recommend you take a second to check out her Instagram profile to see samples of her work. World of Warcraft has so many creative characters embed in it’s lore, and this Ranger General Sylvanas is no exception. Characters from WOW & Diablo really stand out, and over the years have easily become some of our favorites to see and enjoy.


If you are enjoying Kira chi cosplay’s work, make sure you stick close to and our social media pages over the next week, we’re expecting to annouce an upcoming colobration very soon.

We want to make sure that we give a proper shout out to Operation Shutter (IG) with respect to these shots. These are some breathtaking photos, and the editing work is top-notch. If you get the chance to work with the team over at Operation Shutter, we can’t stress enough please do make it happen.


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