SMCDaily featuring an awesome Teen Titans Group cosplay

Lately, more and more cosplayers we follow on Instagram have been the inspiration for our posts you see on our site. Today’s Teen Titans Group cosplay is one such case.

Scrolling through Instagram one day last week brought us to a picture from this set. What follows is pretty standard. We “Like” the post, leave a witty comment and either move along or save it to our collection to possibly to use at a later time. Some times, just sometimes something hits us and we go a step further and send a message inquiring if the cosplayer(s) in question would like to be featured on our website. Well long story short, you can tell how this worked out for us in this specific case :p

Cosplayers skyjuu, sk3letal & marl_ena have out done themselves with their Teen Titans cosplays. Each of one them has perfectly portrayed their desired muse. We are so happy to feature this amazing set here on our site. Photographer Ellisuwc, did such an amazing job with what was produced. Each shot really draws your eye into the picture and my only complaint would be that I wish we had more pictures from this set to share with you, however one can’t be overly greedy 🙂

Raven, Terra and Starfire appear like they are out on a tour of the city and one can only wonder what  trouble their counter parts Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy are currently getting in.

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TeenTitans Group ShotTeenTitans Group Shot

TeenTitans Group Shot TeenTitans Group Shot
TeenTitans Group Shot


Raven (Jess) skyjuu 
Terra (Renee) sk3letal

Starfire (Marlena) marl_ena


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