Rolyatistaylor Solider76 on Patrol at Fan Expo Canada!

Are you ready for everything Fan Expo Canada? While the convention happened in August, we’re just getting our hands on some truly awesome sets from our resident Canadian Cosplay Photographer Nigel Murry (Instagram). So you can expect to see a ton of content from Canada’s Largest Fandom convention over the coming days. We’ve got a lot of big-name cosplayers to show you, so let’s get right into it with some Rolyatistaylor.

First up, this set fits perfectly since Blizzcon 2019 is almost upon us, and features this perfectly executed Solder 76 from Overwatch. Cosplayer Rolyatistaylor (IG) has done a remarkable job of marrying her own style with the style of the creators behind one of the most popular games in the world. Everything from her gun, to her clothes, to that icy stare off into the distance brings Solder76 alive at Fan Expo Canada 2019.

rolyatistaylor - Nigel Fan Expo
rolyatistaylor - Nigel Fan Expo

Taking a moment to talk about games, do you play Overwatch? This game is huge and has been one of the most popular games on Console and PC since it originally released in 2016. Just last week the game has made the “switch” (pardon the pun) to Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console, the Nintendo switch. While the visuals are reduced due to the hardware, it still manages to hold it’s own, allowing people to get their Overwatch fix on the go. The game has lots of life left in it, with Blizzard constantly adding new content and characters to the game. Who is currently your favourite character to play as?

Cosplay Photographers are just as important as the cosplay creators when it comes to your favourite photos you see online. Nigel is no stranger to taking awesome shots, He has become a favourite to work within the cosplay community, and does an amazing job. We highly recommend you take the chance to work with him if it ever comes up. Nigel does his best to hit all of the major conventions in the Toronto area and has even been known to hit the road to expand on his reach.

Nigel Fan Expo
rolyatistaylor - Nigel Fan Expo

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rolyatistaylor - Nigel Fan Expo