SMCDaily: Effymia on Overwatch with Mercy

Full disclosure from your editor in chief here at SMC, don’t tell anyone, but I don’t play Overwatch. When the game came out, I simply couldn’t get into it. That being said I’m all for the community that Blizzard has created around the game, and the unique characters the game has developed are insanely cool. The world around us has certainly embraced the game and for good reason.

You don’t have to go any further than the newly formed Overwatch League to see how much passion people have for this game. hundreds of Professional Overwatch players play in this league and there are thousands of people watching at home. Overwatch is a thing, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Another place where you can see the passion is in the cosplay community. Overwatch cosplayers often spend hundreds of hours completing the most detailed of cosplays. One place that this can certainly be seen is the annual trip to Blizzcon. Every year this is the place to be seen if your a cosplay that specializes in anything Blizzard related. From big-time famous pro cosplayers to newbies, everyone comes here to show off their creations. Overwatch certainly gets its share of cosplays to be seen on the grounds of the convention.

With all the background out of the way, let us get to why you clicked on this article, and that would be what we featured in the title graphic. Cosplayer Effymia (IG) has done an outstanding job on her Overwatch Mercy. When we first saw this submission in our inbox, we knew it was a must share. The Detail in this cosplay is what really brings it to life, the wings look like they have been just drawn on her body, everything is done so perfectly, I’m scared to know how many hours went into this creation.

This cosplay is something really to be proud of, and please do check out Effymia’s Instagram for even more of her work. Russian photographer “Fokken greed” (IG), has managed to truly get some breathtaking shots of this Mercy, and we are so happy to have the chance to share this cosplay with you.

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