SMCDaily: Boosette or Bowsette, who is your favourite?

I’m sure most of us can remember the explosion that took place on the internet when Bowsette was first introduced to the world. The internet went crazy for her, and then shortly after the world went crazy again when Boosette took the stage. Both of these characters are derived from super talented fanart artists, and will forever be a part of the ever-growing Super Mario Bros fandom. So the question we have for you, which one is your favourite?

As a fan of both it’s hard to choose a winner, so let’s just enjoy them both together, as this seems like an easy win for everyone. One can only hope they will officially join the Nintendo family someday soon. With that being said, while we wait for some official “announcement”, let’s check out this amazing cosplay set that was sent our way.

Cosplayer Frederie Cosplay (IG) has been featured on our Instagram pages several times before, and we figured it was the perfect time to feature here for all of our daily readers.

In this set Frederie does double duty as both everyone’s favourites Bowsette and Boosette. We’ve been a fan of both Frederie Cosplay’s and this duo of Bowsers for a while now, so this is the perfect mashup for us. A big thanks to Frederie Cosplay for always sending such amazing content to share with all of our readers and followers over on social media. Please give Frederie’s page a look, and possibly some likes and a follow when you get a chance.

Frederie Cosplay - Duo
Frederie Cosplay - Boosette

Frederie Cosplay - Bowsette
Frederie Cosplay - Boosette

Did you enjoy this post? Let us know which shot was your favourite and also what other cosplayers would you like to see us feature in an upcoming post. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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