SMCDaily: Binrand with a Lightning Strike

If you follow us on Instagram you may already be familiar with cosplayer Binarand (IG) and her outstanding Lighting Farron cosplay. We’ve shared it a number of times in the past, as it’s really good.

Our resident guy in the Toronto (Canada) area, Mister Nigel Murray (IG), send us over these photos from Toronto Comic Con 2019. While the convention was back in March during the fidget cold of winter, we’re more than happy to get these shared with you. Side note, we actually have several shoots Nigel did at Toronto comic Con lined up for the next few SMCDaily posts you”ll see here on the site.

For anyone not familiar with Lighting, she is the main characters of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 13 series. Lightning is one of the stronger characters Square has taken on with their long running Final Fantasy series, and has been a favorite of cosplayers since she was first created. Known for her pale pink hair, and her bold look, she is a force to be reckoning with.

Cosplayer Binrand has once again done an outstanding job, and we’re so happy that Nigel Murray was there to capture these amazing shots while at the convention.

Binrand Cosplay
Binrand Cosplay

Binrand Cosplay
Binrand Cosplay

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