SMCDaily featuring Astixiya as Overwatch’s Ana

More pictures from Fan Expo Canada 2018. This time we have cosplayer Astixiya and her outstanding Adrienne Owl Ana.

Astixiya brings an amazing real life representation of one of Ana’s (Overwatch) newest skins. If you have seen this skin in action, you’ll notice that this cosplay is pretty much dead on, and is crazy cool. Nailed it?

TeamSMC’s Nigel Murray has once again been wonderful enough to provide us with these amazing pictures he snapped while in attendance at Fan Expo Canada 2018.

As Fan Expo Canada is one of Canada’s largest conventions, one this that is always guaranteed is that the cosplayers always bring their “A” Game. This certainly rings true in this shoot featuring Canada’s Astixiya.

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Astixiya Astixiya

Astixiya Astixiya
Astixiya Astixiya


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Photographer: Nigel Murray Photography | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

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