SMCDaily: A Trio of Gotham City Sirens!

Gotham City Sirens

Growing up a fan of all things Marvel, I was never really fully exposed to everything DC comics. Like a good fan of all things pop culture I had a good base understanding, but nothing too in depth. That being said, when I have seen that I missed out on characters like these Gotham City Sirens, I feel like I should have been more invested more time with DC earlier on in my comic book days.

Let’s do something right away, you need to follow these three amazing cosplayers on your social media platform of choice. Lenox Knight (IG), Ashlynn Dae (IG), and Reagan Kathryn (IG) are simply next level cosplayers and you the reader should not be missing out on any of their creations. We’ve added their Instagram accounts above, but if you do enjoy Facebook and Twitter, we’re sure they are on there and you should give them a follow.

The trio of Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn make up the Gotham City Sirens and are three of Gotham City’s most popular and deadly villains. These three ladies certainly know how to get the “Bats” busy, and are always up to something. It’s never good when they get together. Originally released by DC Comics in 2009, the book was extremely popular with the fans. Sadly though after DC’s “New 52” reboot, the group has never reappeared. There have been talks of a movie being fast-tracked by the people at the DCEU, however recently it seems it’s been put on the back burner, instead deciding to go with a “Bird of Prey” movie featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. We have our fingers crossed that DC will do the right thing, and bring Sirens to the big screen someday.

We take our job pretty serious (at least sometimes), so we always try and make sure on any of our features to properly highlight the photographer. LA photographer Eric Carroll (IG) took these amazing shots, and I have to say that I simply adore them. Who would have thought that an alleyway between two buildings could be such an epic set piece for this trio of villains? Well, obviously Eric did. Check out Eric’s Instagram profile to see more shots from this outstanding photo shoot.


Trio shot - Gotham City Sirens
lenox knight - Catwoman

Ashlynn Dae - Poison Ivy
reagan kathryn - Harley Quinn

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