SMC Special: Holiday Cosplay and things to come.

So the 2018 Holiday season is coming to an end, and we’ve certainly been busy. Some of you may have enjoyed our Social Media Holiday Feed (Instagram) as we took an extended break here at

However as we are about to head into 2019 with so many great things on the horizon, I wanted to take one last look at some of the amazing Holiday inspired Cosplay that was sent our way.

Catwoman - Redrose Cosplay
Red Rose Cosplay (Instagram)
Drew Fronda Photography (Instagram)
Osya Gallery (Instagram)

As the editor of SMC, I normally like to feature holiday cosplay, because they are normally so fun and have interesting takes on the regular cosplay we see everyday. We’re hoping it may have brought you some much needed joy over the holidays. Let us know in the comments section below if you enjoyed the feed as much as we did.

Sailor Mars - Frederie Cosplay
Frederie Cosplay (Instagram)
Super Sonico
Kotone Cosplay (Instagram)

That being said, here is our last Holiday Cosplay post of 2018. Moving forward into 2019 we will always have lots of interesting stuff for you to enjoy. Tons of SMCDaily posts, Interviews with your favorite cosplayers and don’t forget the Photographers. Also we are seriously going to take a stab at doing more YouTube content, as that’s where all fun seems to be at these days. We hope you will continue to stick with us, and why not tell our friend about what we do here.

Neeko League of Legends - Hemulka Cosplay
Hemulka Cosplay (Instagram)
Makkusu Guen Huen (Instagram)
Deadpool - Deadpool Mateo
DeadPool Mateo (Instagram)
Wicked Sensation Photography (Instagram)
Midori Cosplays
Midori.Cosplays (Instagram)

Last but not least. Since Chirstmas is over, it’s time to get yourself organized for the coming year. What better way to do that than pick up SMC’s annual Cosplay Calendar. Click the link to head over to our Storenvy page and see which of your favorite cosplayers are featured this year.

Slave Leia - Harley Kat cosplay
Harley Kat Cosplay (Instagram)
Caught on Film Photography  (Instagram)
Osya.Gallery (Instagram)

We want to give a bit shout out to everyone that e-mailed us submissions and sent pictures our way on Social Media. We can’t do this with out the content you provide. We will be back full time over the next couple of weeks. As we are getting ready for another amazing year here on SMC.

Thank you for the continued support! Your Editor Freakx!

RedRose Cosplay - Catwoman
Red Rose Cosplay (Instagram)
Drew Fronda Photography (Instagram)

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