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My first feature for ‘My Cosplay Story’ is the ever fabulous Aubergenius Cosplay! A female cosplayer from the UK who constantly challenges herself with intricately detailed cosplays… And He Man. She is an incredible violinist and if you attend the major UK conventions you have probably seen her incorporate her talent into her cosplay performances. She manages to switch effortlessly between genders when in cosplay and she only gets better with time. She’s an absolute pleasure to be around and if you happen to see her at a convention she’d always be happy to make a new friend. 


What was you first cosplay?

My own design for an outfit for Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

What was it like wearing it?

It was a new feeling… I’d never worn an outfit I’d made before so it felt strange to trust my sewing skills and know the outfit wouldn’t fall apart

Looking back on it now what would you change?

Well on the day I met a fashion designer who told me to make sure to get rid of the loose threads so that would be one thing, though I would also make sure to properly hem and line things, which I didn’t know about then


Favourite cosplay?

Ahh that’s a hard one… I’d be stuck between my Weavile costume, femDante or Black Lynx Ikuto

Favourite fandom to cosplay from?

The series I cosplay from doesn’t always have much of a fandom, though there are people in the Hellsing community who I really look up to and have the pleasure of being able to easily talk to them


Most popular cosplay/ the cosplay you’re best known for?

Oh dear I’m not sure, knowing me it’d be a silly one like my Capri sun magical girl outfit or maybe Heman


Why do you cosplay? What is cosplay to you?

I love making things, especially if I get to wear or use them, so making costumes allows me to do this whilst being social. I’m also quite interested in crossdressing and transforming myself which are things I get to do as a cosplayer

Future cosplay plans?

Well this weekend I should be cosplaying Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita, though I plan to cosplay Haku from Naruto at MCM Comicon in October

Any advice for the newbs?

Just keep going. No one is perfect when they first start, and we all have to start somewhere. Others successes are not your failures and remember, cosplay is for fun!

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Photo credit in order of photo appearance : Ian B Photography, Race The Wind Photography, JMH Photography and SiP

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    photo credit in order of photo appearance : Ian B Photography, Race The Wind Photography, JMH Photography and SiP