SMC: Montreal Comiccon 2019

We’re so happy that we were once again able to return to Montreal Comiccon this year and so lucky to see so many amazing cosplays. It’s been a couple of busy weeks, coming off Anime Expo coverage (Head over to our Instagram to see more of that), and now on to Montreal Comiccon 2019 coverage.

We arrived on Saturday of Montreal Comiccon before the floor had opened and wow there were a ton of fans inline ready for those doors to open. The lines were long, but full of people smiling and ready to show off the cosplays they had been working on so hard leading up to the convention. #ConCrunch is real!

The venue, Palais des congrès, is one of the nicer convention halls that we have seen. The event gets broken down into several sections, while they are all connected it’s easy to know where you are going and what to expect when you get there. The main hall has all of the vendors ready to sell you anything your heart desires, with celebrity guests ready to sign autographs near the back. Just to the side of them, there is a very large indie game section, and of course, there is the Atrium area.

The atrium area is where all of the action happens if you’re here to enjoy all of the cosplay. This area has an easy exit to the outside and as well a way to get to the upper floors of the convention. The best thing the Atrium has to offer is the wonderful natural light. This makes taking pictures a lot easier, compared to the vendor area. We are currently working on a video walkthrough of the event and hoping to have it up on our YouTube page shortly (YouTube Link).

Montreal Comiccon has a lot of visitors every year, and on a busy Saturday, it is certainly not possible to snap pictures of all of the cosplaying convention goers. We do our best and try to bring home a good sampling. Below you’ll find some of our favourites, and if you head over to Facebook in the coming days you’ll see our complete gallery. If you spot your picture below or you know one of the cosplayers please feel free to either send us a DM on Instagram or leave a comment below.

We’ve included some of our Instagram posts below to give you a taste of what we normally post. After you scroll past those you’ll find a few more of our favourites from the show.

We had a ton of fun in Montreal, and can’t wait to go back next year.

Instagram Posts

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