SMC: The Modern Disney Princess Project

If you haven’t already seen this photo set you’re in for a real treat. Spear headed by Cosplayer Ali Williams in her effort to find new and interesting ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, Ali’s project is bringing your favorite Disney princess into the modern day.

Below you’ll find all of your favorite Disney Princess plucked from their usual attire / surroundings and given a new more modern look that includes a full career as well.

Ali was able to get this idea of hers going with the help of nine cosplayers and two photographers.  Photographers Jim Donnelly & Ruy Arena really manage to capture each cosplayer and their new profession perfectly and are really able to bring it all together for everyone to fully enjoy.

The photo set has already had a ton of press and excitement following, a featured on ABC news and has been shared all across your favorite social media platform.

You can catch the original post on Ali’s site here!

Let us know what you think of this amazing modern photo set in the comments section below.


Modern Disney Princess

Ariel, the Archaeologist (Ali Williams)

Modern Disney Princess

Anna, the Wedding Planner (The Spritely One)

Modern Disney Princess

Pocahontas, the Politician (Colana Suzuki)

Modern Disney Princess

Rapunzel, the Teacher (Joanna Lynn Bert)

Modern Disney Princess

Elsa, the Architect (Holland Phoenix)

Modern Disney Princess

Belle, the Traveling Writer (Darth Lexii)

Modern Disney Princess

Snow White, the Therapist (Teena Phoenix)

Modern Disney Princess

Tiana, the Food Scientist (Krystina Arielle Tigner)

Modern Disney Princess

Aurora, the Lawyer (Sara Katz-Scher)

A big thanks to Ali Williams for sending this amazing photo project our way. Ali is super talented and wish her and her gang all the best luck!


Photographer:  Ruy Arena (

Ariel, the Archaeologist | Ali Williams (Instagram)
Elsa, the Architect | Holland Phoenix (Instagram)
Photographer: Jim Donnelly (
Snow White, the Therapist | Teena Phoenix (Instagram)
Pocahontas, the Politician | Colana Suzuki (Instagram)
   Graphic Design: Neil A. Williams II (
Rapunzel, the Teacher | Joanna Lynn Bert (Instagram)
   Location: Newbury Oaks Preschool (
Belle, the Traveling Writer | Lexi (Instagram)
Tiana, the Food Scientist | Krystina Arielle Tigner (Instagram)
Anna, the Wedding Planner | The Spritely One (Instagram)
Aurora, the Lawyer | Sara Katz-Scher (Instagram)

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