SMC Interview: SutefaniiRoozu at E3 2019

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Video games and cosplay go hand and hand, both will forever be interlinked. Every year when E3 rolls around, we reach to see if we can find any cosplayers who are given the chance to work the biggest video game convention on the planet. This year we were lucky enough to chat with cosplayer SutefaniiRoozu (IG) and her adventures at the “Destroy all Humans” booth.

SMC: How long have you been cosplaying?
Since 2013! Unless you consider my Link Halloween costume cosplay (2011)

SMC: Do you play games? What are some of your current favourites?
I do! I wish I had more time to play them. I got to play Kirby Star Allies on my way to California for E3 ^_^ I love adventure/fantasy/ RPG type games. Monster Hunter is fun, too!

SMC: What cosplay would you be best known for?
Meta Knight or Toothless most likely. Or maybe Celty Sturluson?

sutefaniiroozu- Metal Knight
Metal Knight – Photo by Con Life

SMC: Have you been to E3 before (either for fun or work)?
No, I haven’t! This was my first time 🙂 hopefully next time I go I can enjoy the con more (if I’m not working) heh. 

We had only an hour or two when we were on breaks and some of the lines were super long!

sutefaniiroozu - Destroy all Humans

SMC: What steps were involved in your landing the role of a Destroy All Humans Crypto for E3?
A friend of mine posted about the position on Facebook and the height requirement was between 5-5’4” and I’m like that’s meee! I’m smol! Haha!
So I sent over my email and got the gig!

SMC: What was it like to be a Crypto?
It was fun! When I wasn’t dying haha! It was very very hot in those costumes. I had sweat dripping down my face and back by the time we went on breaks! But I got to dance with some little kids and that was fun :3 plus I got to meet some really cool people. 

SMC: What was the overall experience of being at E3?
Incredible! I am blown away by all the hard work that goes into this event! The artwork and displays, all the hype of new games announcements. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back!

SMC: What was your favourite thing about and/or seen at E3?
I LOVEDDD the monster hunter dragon! It was one of my favourite things. 

sutefaniiroozu - Toothless
Toothless – Photo by @thesleepymuse

SMC: Any advice for people interested in cosplaying?
DONT. GIVE. UP. Be prepared for failure and lots of it. My last costume I made I spent 4 hours on my wings and then had to start them over because they looked awful. I’m still learning and growing with each costume I make and the only way to grow is to jump into it! And watch lots of kamuicosplay / kinpatsucosplay YouTube videos!!!

SMC: Have any future cosplay plans?
Ohhhhh I always have a list of costumes! Every time I watch something or play something I’m like, that would be a cool cosplay!! XD it never ends. 

SMC: Where can fans expect to see you next? (2019/2020 Schedule?)
Anime Expo! I’ll be a guest at booth #2938, and Blizzcon! 🙂
Any other cons are up in the air right now, it’s all dependent on my funds. Cosplay is expensive, let alone badges, travel, lodging, and food expenses! 

sutefaniiroozu - Monster Girl

Monster Girl – Photo by @parker_photography_

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