SMC Interview – Saylum Croft at E3 2018

Video games and Cosplay go hand and hand. For years at E3 we used to see so called “Booth Babes” manning the booths, now the cosplay community grows we see more and more cosplayers taking on these roles. We reached out and Saylum Croft  (Instagram / Twitter ) answered the call. Read about what Salyum had to say about her time at E3 2018 as one of the amazing Lara Croft’s manning the SquareEnix Shadow of the Tomb raider booth.

The E3 Interview:

SMC: How long have you been cosplaying?
Saylum: I’ve been cosplaying for a little over 5 years now. I started in 2013 when the Tomb Raider Reboot game came out.

SMC: What cosplay would you be best known for?
Saylum: I’d like to think I’m best known for my Lara Croft cosplay. Anytime someone comes up to me and I’m in cosplay that isn’t Tomb Raider they always say “Aren’t you that Lara Croft cosplayer?”

SMC: Do you play games? What are some of your current favorites?
Saylum: I definitely play games. I’m currently playing through Skyrim (again) Destiny 2 is a constant, I don’t think I ever stop playing that. Horizon Zero Dawn is just absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to replay it. I’ll also occasionally pick up Crash Bandicoot, Little Nightmares, and Assassins Creed if I want a change of pace.

SMC: Have you been to E3 before (either for fun or work)?
Saylum: This year (2018) was my second year at E3, I went last year just for fun. It was really different from what I expected but I throughly enjoyed being able to run around and play different titles. It’s more interesting I’d say when you’re working it because you kind of get a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes. I have no idea how the convention center doesn’t have a blackout with all the electricity needed to power E3 hahaha.

SquareEnix’s Tomb Raider Booth at E3 2018

SMC: What steps were involved in your landing the role of Lara Croft for E3?
Saylum: I wouldn’t really say there were any steps. I started cosplaying Lara in 2013 and in 2014 I discovered the Tomb Raider community. I had no idea there were so many people in love with Lara as much, or even more, than I was at the time. It was through that same community and me just cosplaying as Lara that allowed me to have this opportunity.

SMC: What is it like to be Lara Croft?
Saylum: You know I get this question so much and I can never give a straight answer haha. It’s…empowering, and I just feel like a Badass. Like I could climb a mountain or discover some ancient ruins. It’s honestly one of the best feelings to me.

Saylum Croft is Lara Croft at SquareEnix’s E3 Booth

SMC: What was the overall experience of being at E3?
Saylum: It was AMAZING. Honestly being surrounded by a community of people who love gaming as much as I do and everyone is so excited for their favorite titles made me so happy. I was able to be my favorite character and have people who are equally excited about Shadow of the Tomb Raider come up and ask for photos, or want to talk about the game, which was super fun. The Crystal Dynamics team and Square Enix impressed me so much. The amount of time and effort they put into everything had me in awe.

SMC: What was your favorite thing about E3?
Saylum: Being surrounded by my fellow ambassadors Ray and Jenn. I’m still kind of new to the Tomb Raider community and those two were so warm and welcoming to me when I first met them. I’m overjoyed that I’ve made super close friendships with them and this being my first event, how supportive they were. I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to have done E3 with.

Saylum Croft going head to head with Jenn Croft Cosplay

SMC: Any advice for people interested in cosplaying
Saylum: Honestly if you want to cosplay, just do it. It doesn’t matter if your costume is store-bought or if it’s just a cardboard box. ANYONE can cosplay ANYTHING, regardless of height, weight, gender, race etc. as long as YOU are having fun and enjoying yourself, you’re cosplaying. There’s no wrong way to cosplay.

SMC: Have any future cosplay plans?
Saylum: I always have a long list of cosplays haha
Some at the top of my list of are Carja Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Lara Croft from Underworld, and the others are secrets for now!

SMC: Where can fans expect to see you next? (2018 Schedule?)
Saylum: I will be at San Diego Comic Con, and hopefully Blizzcon this year. I’m trying to focus more on out-of-state conventions for next year so I’m cutting back on my local conventions this year.

Saylum Croft out side the Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 Booth

We’d like to take a moment to give Saylum Croft a big Thank you for helping us out with this article. Also you’ll have to forgive the dark pictures, it’s hard work getting quality floor shots from E3 with the available lighting. That being said, we hope we get to do another article like this for E3 2019. Are you a cosplayer that may be potentially working E3? Lets u know!


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