SMC Interview: ItsJessicaCross

Our first cosplay interview of 2019 features a cosplayer that shows up on our feed quite often. ItsJessicaCross Cosplay(Instagram) is one of our feature cosplayers over on our Instagram page, and she truly does some outstanding work. Her cosplay creations, matched with with amazing photographers always lead to stunning shots. Check out what Jessica has to say below, and don’t forget to give her a follow when you’re done, you won’t be disappointed.

ItsJessicaCross Cosplay
Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: Why did you start cosplaying?

ItsJessicaCross: I started cosplay initially because of an interest in art and modelling. I wanted to combine those interests with my interest in video games and movies, etc. What made me continue with cosplay however was the intense, supportive, tight knit community. When I was first exposed to the cosplay community, I was overwhelmed and nervous. But as I continued, I found amazing friends and incredible support that inspired me to push harder and try new things for costumes.

SMC: What was the first convention you attended in cosplay?

ItsJessicaCross: The first convention I attended was Calgary Expo back in 2013 if I remember correctly.

SMC: What has been your most memorable convention moment?

ItsJessicaCross: My most memorable convention moment has been recent actually. I got an opportunity to guest at a small local con, where the proceeds went to the Fetal Alcohol Society. The whole experience was very humbling. So many people in the community were eager to learn and wanted to be apart of cosplay, they asked so many questions and had a desire to learn from me. It was a very heartwarming experience and it felt so good to not only help a good cause but also help the community with cosplay.

SMC: What is your favorite thing about cosplaying at a convention?ItsJessicaCross: My favourite thing would be being able to be ‘someone else’ for a day. It’s so much fun to dress up as something/someone and be able to be a whole different person and have fun.

ItsJessicaCross Cosplay
Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: What cosplayers inspire you?
ItsJessicaCross: Beebichu Cosplay (Instagram) is someone who initially got me in to cosplay with her Nightingale and continues to inspires me with her commitment and detailing abilities. Kinpatsu Cosplay (Instagram) is someone that I look up to a lot. Her work is very thorough, detailed, and all around smooth. Her skill is something I strive to reach, and for any cosplayer looking for a good Patreon to be apart of, Kinpatsu provides amazing content that continues to help me with almost every costume.

Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: Which is your favorite cosplay you’ve created?
ItsJessicaCross: My favourite cosplay I created is my female Reaper from Overwatch. I put a lot of work into it over a very short period of time and overall was very proud of myself for getting it done, and getting it done well.

SMC: What cosplay are you best known for?
ItsJessicaCross: I think most people know me for my Nightingale from Skyrim, I still get photographers asking to shoot it but I am trying to retire it, haha. But I would say I’m pretty known for my Reaper as well.

Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: If money was no object what would be your dream cosplay creation?
ItsJessicaCross: Daedric Armour from Skyrim! It is a big dream of mine to complete, but would require a lot of materials and time. And I would like to add LEDs to it as well.

Photographer: Billy Wong (IG)

SMC: What are your cosplay strengths? (Tailoring, fabric painting, worbla armor, in-character performance etc.)
ItsJessicaCross: I feel my biggest cosplay strengths would be worbla and painting. Painting is probably my favourite part and I learned worbla work before foam. I am now trying to focus most of my projects around foam so I can really expand.

Photographer: Billy Wong (IG)

SMC: What’s one thing you wish you knew about cosplaying before you got started?   
ItsJessicaCross: That it’s okay to ask for help. When I first started, I didn’t want to seem ‘weak’ or unskilled so I just pretended I knew what I was doing and never asked. I found I learned at a lot slower pace in my first year because of this. Once I really started to meet people and grow in my craft, I realized asking for help is a good thing and most people really want to share their knowledge as well.

SMC: Any advice for people interested in cosplaying for the first time?ItsJessicaCross: For new cosplayers, again don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use this large community to your advantage and reach out to people. There’s also countless tutorials and patterns on the Internet that are there to help as well. Also, don’t be afraid to start cheap. You don’t need to rush into worbla or other expensive materials. My first prop was made with hot glue and poster boards, and that’s okay! That is how you learn and grow! Things don’t need to be done the fancy way, so don’t be afraid to try new techniques.

Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: What do you do in the real world for a job?
ItsJessicaCross: I currently help manage a pet store and I am in my last year of university.

SMC: What is something your fans may not know about you? Other hobbies?
ItsJessicaCross: I think working at a pet store is something that surprises people. I have a large place in my heart for animals and it’s something I’ve actually been doing for 6 years now.

SMC: What part of “geekdom” is you favorite avenue of entertainment (i.e. comics, movies, video games, anime, etc?).
ItsJessicaCross: I am mostly into video games, I play an unhealthy amount every week, haha. But I also enjoy movies, and especially tv shows. But I found the more I was involved with this community and the more events I attended, the more I wanted to be apart of ever ‘geekdom’, which led me to now getting into comics and anime as well.

Photographer: Austin Jeng Photography (IG)

SMC: Any favorite TV shows, movies or cartoons?
ItsJessicaCross: My all time favourite movie is the Lord of the Rings trilogy and How to Train Your Dragon. And my all time favourite TV show is probably Prison Break, I find the character development really amazing in that show.

SMC: What is your gaming system of choice?
ItsJessicaCross: I play on PC, although I have preferences per game. Some I would rather play on Xbox/PS. And I also really like Nintendo as well.

SMC: What are you currently playing / upcoming video game releases?ItsJessicaCross: Currently I am playing League of Legends and Player Unknown. With school it can be hard to get into new games but I look forward to the new year where I’ll be able to play a lot more new games.

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