SMC Presents: Feeling Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Today we are feeling a little green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Here are 7 (lucky) of our favorite green cosplays!

1. She-Hulk
Carlos Adama - Clair HoneyBadger
Cosplay by Clair HoneyBadger Photo by Carlos Adama

  1. Poison Ivy
    Greg De Stefano - Chloe Dykstra
    Cosplay by Chloe Dykstra Photo by Greg De Stefano

  2. Green Lantern
    Cosplay by CosAwesome Photo by Superhero Creations by Adam Jay

  3. Green Arrow
    Green Arrow Its Raining Neon
    Cosplay by It’s Raining Neon Photo by GCF Photography

  4. Star Fox
    Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Photo by Will Box

  5. Loki
    Cosplay & Photo by Skylar of Aicosu

  6. Riddler
    Cosplay by Pieced Together Cosplay Photo by Jon C. Haverstick Photography