SMC Feature: Amazing Resident Evil Cosplay

With the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake the excitement is back and it’s real! The remake is out and the game is getting amazing scores from all of the big sites and will for sure big a major hit for Capcom. As someone who played the original RE2 for the Playstation, I’m excited to see the game reach such success. Resident Evil 2 was by far one of my all time games and it’s something I have fond memories of, and really enjoyed as a vetern gamer. All I can say is, when can we expect the Resident Evil 3 remake?

So with the planned release of the RE2 Remake set for January 25th (2019), we figured it was the perfect time to do a Resident Evil inspired feature for the site. We posted on both our Instagram and Twitter requesting submissions to be sent our way. Like always our fans / followers didn’t disappoint and we ended up with some truly amazing cosplay in our inbox. A big shout out to all of those that did help us with our request, as our content primiarly submissions based. We did also want to include a few RE shots from some of our favorite cosplayers as well. So we have a good mix of content.

We all know the Resident Evil series has the best characters. From all the way back to the beginning with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, moving forward to Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, and Leon Kennedy. So many characters, so many villians, and all that means one thing for us. Amazing cosplay of course. Now that we’re done with the text part of this post, let the fun begin, and don’t let the Zombies get you on your way out!

Lisha Blackhurst (Instagram)
King of the North Cosplays (Instagram)

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