SMC Feature: 15 Must See Avengers Cosplay

Avengers Cosplay

Here we go again! It’s Monday and guess what you get? While most of you may have been looking for a Game of Thrones post, we figured we’d change things up a bit and go for an Avengers theme today. The numbers tell us that you (the readers) like these types of posts so they should continue to be a regular feature on the site, with either specific themes or possibly a recap of cool cosplays we’ve seen throughout the month.

Now that you have the reasoning, lets get right to it. Also a small disclaimer here. We aren’t going to pretend for even a micro-second that this selection of cosplays is meant to fully cover the wide-breath of Avengers cosplay on Instagram right now, but we did try and pick a variety of amazing cosplays, and we are sure we will get back to more great Avengers cosplay in the future.

Have you seen End Game yet? What did you think? While we certainly want to stay far away from coming anywhere close to spoiling the movie for you, we hope if you haven’t seen it yet, that you go see it soon. The Russo brothers are the directors of the Disney’s latest juggernaut, and have stated that today is the day that spoilers are free to be spoken in the wild. We wish everyone who hasn’t seen End Game as of yet all the luck that they manage to stay spoiler free until seeing the movie.

Avengers End Game has been over 10 years in the making and 22 movies later, we’ve had a crazy ride. As a fan of the series and of cosplay, I’m more than curious to see what direction the MCU goes moving forward. Disney & Marvel have their work cut out for them to make sure their gravy train continues to be super successful. Looking to the fall with the launch of Disney+, the new Marvel based shows will hopefully continue the high quality work, while providing us with many new story lines (and possibly cosplay) to follow.

We’ve hand picked these initial entries from posts we have either come across or were tagged in on Instagram. Like something you see? Give the cosplayer a like and a follow. Comments are more than welcome below, and as we always say, please enjoy the cosplay!

@finch.creative with an amazing Scarlet Witch with a classic Captain Marvel

Infinity Wars Iron Spider by @cosplayandcoffee

@ridd1e with the perfect genderbend Captain America

More Infinity War goodness with @lenoxknightofficial as Black Widow

More genderbend fun with cosplayer @krazedwhiterabbit

@deaconfrosttx is ready to take on his co-worker in battle

@mootyvision will smash Thor!

@hammamarie with a epic classic Black Widow

@kyberknightcosplay with a perfect marvel comics Scarlet Witch

@wonderwomanaustralia with an amazing Gamora

@peanutbutter.cos with the perfect Mantis

T’challa / Black Panther by cosplayer @escoblades

The perfect Tony Stark by @cuthbertfx

@armoredheartcosplay & @themoriahlynn in the avengers new fancy suits!

Did you enjoy this post? Let us know which shot was your favourite and also what other cosplayers would you like to see us feature in an upcoming post. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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