SMC: A Note from your Editor (December 2017)

It’s December and the Holiday season is upon us. 2017 has been am amazing year of cosplay, and like you, we are looking forward to see what 2018 brings.

As the 2017 convention season is winding down ( – Best place to check Conventions) & with the holidays looming near, we figured it would be a good time for us as well to take a short break to catch our breath. will be taking a break over the holiday season and will return full force mid January. We’re in planning mode right now and seeing how we can improve things  for our readers and followers for the coming year.

Now don’t worry, we will still have you covered. Our social media feed will once again be transformed into a holiday feed, where we feature all of our favorite cosplayers and the holiday spins they put on your favorite characters. The official kicks off is on December 17th.

Also If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen the request we put out to the community requesting copies of any Holiday cosplay to be featured in upcoming Holiday posts for the site. If you want to be featured make sure you get those into us ASAP.

Basically long story short, we won’t be doing our SMCDaily posts “Daily” like we try to normally do, instead move to a more friendly holiday schedule where we post one or two holiday features for the site and focus on our Social Media platforms.

As the Editor here at SMC, I’m officially giving our staff the holiday season off, and we hope to see you all back in January for tons of new and exiting content to share!

Have something you want to suggest we do in the comming months? Feel free to contact us. (

Thanks you for your continued support!
Your Editor

Interested in having your cosplay featured on Contact us.  Check out our Submissions page, email us or on Social Media.