SMC Daily: SOSCosplays is Spawn… no serious he is!

We spend most of the day looking at cosplay and trying to figure out what we should share and when. Sometimes we stumble on to things, like when we were looking for Mortal Kombat cosplays for an upcoming featuring. Cosplayer SOSCosplays (Instagram) was one of those happy finds. I’m sure you’ll see more of SOSCosplays in a future post, but for now lets talk Todd McFarlene’s Spawn.

Spawn has been around a long time (Since 1992), and for the most part I think we can all agree he is totally badass. Mainly because if you didn’t he would totally kick your ass. While I personally was a Marvel fan in my youth, everyone still knew of Spawn and what he had to offer. Spawn had a gritty feel to him, something some of the other comicbook companies were lacking at the time of his release.

While Comicbook movies are a regular thing these days, this was not the way things use to be. Spawn came to the big screen played by Michael Jai White in 1997. We mention this as there have been numerous rumors lately stating that we will see Spawn’s return to the big screen in the coming years (late 2019? 2020?). Can it be as successful as one of Marvel’s movies? Only time will tell.

Getting back to the cosplay and the whole reason you’re here, SOSCosplays has really out done himself with this cosplay. If you picture Spawn drawn on the pages of a comicbook, and some how had the ability to bring him to life, well you don’t need to worry any more as SOSCosplays has now done that for you. The photography team at Affliction Media Productions (Instagram) certainly has done a masterful job of bring this cosplay to our screens. It’s such an epic shoot. We need more!

So while Spawn may not have as long as history of some of the other comicbooks characters everyone has come to know and love, Spawn certainly does have a spot in today’s pop culture. If you had a quick eye you may have even noticed him at the climatic battle scene in the mega blockbuster hit “Ready Player One”.

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