SMC Convention Coverage: Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X 2017

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X 2017 was last weekend (March 18, 2017). #TeamSMC member Tristan from @ifindcosplay was there, and like always Tristan took some truely amazing shots. Tristan actually holds the record within #TeamSMC for the most convention shots ever at a con, and this was another year where he managed to capture a ton of cosplay

Since Tristan did manage to take so many pictures of the cosplayers at the convention, we are going to change up our normal formatting up and try something a bit new. Below you’ll find a small selection of some of our favorites from the convention (note: the formatting may change as we try and work this out properly),

UPDATE: We had to temporarily remove the gallery on this page due to a technical issue.

When you’re done with those 20 from Fan X, and you’re still looking for more, don’t forget to click the link below and head over to Facebook where we have the complete gallery of nearly 400 pictures. We host out Galleries on Facebook as it allows cosplayers to properly tag themselves, for others to Like your work, and makes it super easy for your friends to find your cosplay and share your with potential new fans of your creations.

#FanX17 was once again amazing this year, and we are already looking forward to having Tristan back there next year. A big thank you for Salt Lake Comic Con for having us!

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