SMC Convention Coverage: MCM London Dragon Age Bunnies

Dragon Age is one of Bioware’s mega hit games and ranks up there along side Mass Effect as one of the best ever RPGs. Mashups are nothing new to the Cosplay community, but the one thing we do know about them, if you do them right they can be spectacular.

When exploring the idea of a mashup, when in doubt always, I repeat always consider a Bunny mashup, you can never truly go wrong with this pairing. So just to recap, we’ve managed to introduce you to the idea of the Dragon Age series, mentioned bunnies and the mashup idea that brings it all together.

UK Photographer James Bissett was at MCM London covering the event for and manged to witness all three of these items come together for one epic photo shoot. Hef would be proud.

The Dragon Age serious has a huge following, and we’re sure everyone is eagerly awaiting the next entry in the series, until then lets all enjoy this awesome group shot from MCM London 2016.

Fans of the Dragon Age bunnies? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Cosplayers Credits: (Cole) (Morrigan) (Sera) (Merrill) (Hawke)

Concept art created by –

Photographer: James Bissett Photography |Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

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