SMC Convention Coverage: Magic City Comic con 2016

Hello everyone, Its Gothic Sushi and it’s that time again for a convention review, this time for Magic City Comic Con! The more I attend conventions and take pictures I find myself enjoying this part more and more! It gives me a chance to go back and remember all the amazing times I have with old friends and making new ones! So let’s get it started!

Oh man, the drive down to Miami was HORRIBLE this time around! With basically the whole state of Florida under a tornado watch, I was driving down from Tampa so that was nearly 5 hours of horrible weather and traffic! Pulling into the convention for parking was pretty much what was to be expected with all the rain and wind. The parking lot itself was flooded, backed up in traffic, and you could see everyone dragging bags and cosplays through the water and into the hotel to get out of the rain and suit up for what would undoubtedly be a great weekend. Which is the great thing about Supercon events, they are always amazing conventions to attend, even with the hellish weather, it’s always worth the drive!

Hotel (host hotel): This is going to be hard for me to do judging from my past stays at the Doubletree hotel. This time around it really felt like the hotel has not put any money back into the rooms in some time. Between the broken bed and no lock on the bathroom door (which was no fun staying with multiple people) and along with the horrible room service (it took almost 4 hours to have towels & blankets delivered). (3/10)

Food: WOW! You have to give it to Magic City and the convention staff, they know what people want when it comes to feeding us! It’s pricey at the hotel lobby bar and it’s connecting restaurants, but that’s to be expected. During convention hours if you were up stairs mingling with the artists or cosplay guest you could get some pre-made sandwiches or hamburgers among other tasty snacks. Down stairs, in the vendor’s hall you could get made to order treats like chicken fingers and sandwiches among many other types of goodies! My personal favorite were the smoothies. Strawberry banana is always a win for me 😀 (10/10)

Panels:  Top notch and loved every single one I was able to attend!! Let’s talk about a couple of my Favorites: ‘Working with Worbla’ with cosplay Guest Kiki Kannon: This was a great panel to sit in, especially for myself just recently getting into armor building. She was super helpful and very nice. Always love seeing that from the guests at conventions. Another FAVORITE of mine is the Super Cosplay Dating game hosted by the amazingly talented Harley’s love Shack and DeadPool! (Double A Props) this panel will have you on your sides laughing hysterically with DeadPool’s swift jokes and Harley’s playful banter! Was lucky enough to get called up to play the game and was definitely one of the highlights of the convention for me! The panels at this con were all so good! I don’t think I could have enjoyed my self any more all weekend! (10/10)

Con-Floor (layout): This convention just has SO much going on that that it’s hard not to get lost.. I do remember searching for the bathrooms at one point for like 15 minutes. The only thing i really have to complain about here is the fact that I couldn’t find the artist alley until what seemed like sunday, which might be more my fault for expecting the convention to be like others I had attended at this location and expecting it to be in the vendor room,  on a plus side about getting lost and trying to find every thing all the staff in their bright blue magic city shirts were SUPER HELPFUL! they were all super nice and pointed me in the right direction every time! (8/10)

Vendor room: WHAT A HUGE VENDOR area. and so many cool items to check out, you can definitely get anything your heart desires from any form of nerd culture here from anime to Marvel! so many amazing vendors! my favorite has to be Gaijin-Taiyaki ( these freaking little fish cakes are INCREDIBLE! so much tastiness and they are such a great con SNACK! this is just one of the many vendors I would love to add to the list! but they take the cake! <3 (10/10)

Game room: Magic City’s Tabletop Game room was defiantly on point! with so many tournaments and just fun table top games like magic the gathering and many I had never played before and so many rooms full of it. I found myself playing new games with some amazing people late into the night on friday! and let’s not forget how incredible the GAMERS ROOM WAS! holy cow! 10 points to gryffindor! if you are going to a con for the gaming aspects look no further M.C.C.C has all your gamer needs COVERED from Table top to bottom!  (10/10)

Special Guests:   WOWZERS! That’s basically all i really can say, you want guests well they got them! So many it would make your head spin, with guests like Bill Nye ( the Science Guy) , David Prowse (Darth Vader), and Ric Flair (wrestling icon and legend) all of which I got the amazing chance to meet! and wow so so much more! This is seriously some of the best line up a convention can bring! and I haven’t even got into the cosplay guest list yet, Such as the wonderful Azzyland cosplay, ever since meeting her at Animate Miami she has become a STRONG favorite cosplayer of mine. Personally she is just so nice and personable I just love that about her. I also can not forget the lovely Harley’s Love Shack who is just so nice and welcoming! and I have become quite good friends with! she is nothing less than amazing! and let’s not forget my personal life savers The Cosplay Medics! this group is nothing shy of amazing! they help all cosplayers in their time of need with wardrobe malfunctions! so yeah the guest list is incredible all around! (10/10)

Cosplay contest: The contest was nothing shy of AWESOME! the level of talent at this convention was nothing shy of amazing! I love what Magic city does with all the different types of contests like the Magic Girls contest, this is a “late night” contest and wowzers! it was GOOD! them girls rocked my socks off!! being targeted to the late night “adult crowd” it’s nice to get out and enjoy some adult content sometimes. My personal favorite contest of the weekend was Definitely the MAGIC CITY COMIC CON MASQUERADE COSTUME & PERFORMANCE CONTEST on Sunday night! this was such a great closer to an amazing weekend! and the contestants WOWED ME! loved the Elsa and Anna skit and the Dr. from back to the future was incredible, oh and let’s not forget the performance of J. Jonah Jameson ranting about Spiderman! this was great! and i think it was the first time I had seen anything like this! also loved the closing act by Star Lord (JayMaxwell Cosplay)  with his amazing interpretation that famous dance scene. That alone made the crowd go crazy!!! to see 100s of people doing the Y.M.C.A among other dance moves with him was incredible! definitely the best way anyone could end an amazing convention weekend! (10/10)

Other (event activities):The amount of detail put into M.C.C.C is outstanding! with so many amazing cosplayers on the floor, All the talented artist and so much going on at this con it’s very hard to find your self not engaged in something at any given time! and if you find yourself looking to show of your own cosplay the photo booths are always a lot of fun. Something not worth missing was the Geek Film Fest. this con is just so packed with so much to do all around! (10/10)

All in all:  Magic City Comic Con is defiantly one of the must go conventions in the State of Florida! highly recommended and I am very interested to see what next year will bring to the table! it’s just one of them conventions that keep impressing me every year! I always have a wonderful experience and always looking forward to the next one, even if i have to drive through horrible weather to get there! SCORE: 81%

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Review By Gothic Sushi 🙂

One thought on “SMC Convention Coverage: Magic City Comic con 2016

  1. Ellioth Garcia says:

    Great review and totally agree with you in all points. Didn’t see any of the panels because I was at my table at the artist alley and let me tell you you weren’t the only one who couldn’t find the artist alley. I had friends that looked for me and couldn’t find the artist alley. The Convention is a pretty big one and people walk around the entire bottom floor (which is a lot) and don’t expect that their is more stuff on the 2nd floor. If they do go up through the back they might just see and think it’s like a food court with a bunch of kids cosplaying and just hanging around all over the place (in the hallways etc.) and playing board games so they go back down. Overall great review looking forward to the next cons =)