SMC Convention Coverage: League of Legends at MCM London 2016

With reference to our last post, we can all certainly agree that Overwatch is the new hotness on the scene today, however that being said I don’t think anyone thinks for a moment that League of Legends is going anywhere.  Since busting on the scene in 2009, League of Legends developer Riot Games has managed to capture the play time of many millions of players spread across the world. We’ve mentioned it several times before, we owe Riot Games a lot, as the game has such a wealth of diverse characters which when compounded with all of the different skins leads to any number of possible cosplay combinations.

Like our previous Overwatch post, James Bissett worked MCM London 2016 like crazy and seriously managed to come up with some epic shots for us. This shoot below features the ladies of “League”, and like everything James does for SMC, is simply amazing.

Cosplayers Mimi Moon, Shoxxy & Kyahri bring the triple thread of the Battle Bunnies Riven, Jinx and Caitlyn. Be careful bunnies can attack when cornered!

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Kyahri (Battle Bunny Jinx ) | Facebook |
Shoxxy (Battle Bunny Riven) | Facebook |
Mimi Moon (Battle Bunny Caitlyn) | Facebook |

Photographer: James Bissett Photography |Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

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