SMC: Awesome Cosplay from Fan Expo Canada 2018

Fan Expo Canada

Ok so we know we’re a little behind on our Fan Expo Canada coverage, but this year it really can’t be helped. Every year Fan Expo Canada is held on Labor day weekend, and every year that weekend just happens to fall during my vacation time. We really need to start an online petition to move the con to another date! If that wasn’t enough to delay us posting these amazing pictures, returning home to a mini natural disaster in the form of several Tornado’s causing days long power outages doesn’t help. That being said, we are all caught up now, and ready to get these cosplay sent to your screen!

Now that we’re done with the excuses lets get down to business. Once again our guy Mr. Nigel Murray (Instagram) was on site and ready to document everyone’s amazing cosplay creations. Nigel sent us over a ton of haul shots from Canada’s biggest convention and make sure you check them out below. We will also be posting a large gallery over on our Facebook Page.

Fan Expo Canada draws in some of the biggest cosplayers Canada has to offer, add in all of the feature cosplay guests and of course anyone jumping to border to visit, and you’re in for a real treat cosplay wise.

Lets dive in!

Fan Expo Canada 2018

Jessica Nigri

Fan Expo Canada 2018

Peekaboo Cosplay

Fan Expo Canada 2018

TheRedShirtGirl, DaynaTheSloth & Heather.starsailor

Fan Expo Canada 2018 Fan Expo Canada 2018

Fan Expo Canada 2018
Fan Expo Canada 2018
Fan Expo Canada 2018

Every major convention needs to have in some form a Cosplay Competition. This really allows all of the creative types to go head to head and really strut their stuff. In it’s most basic form this is what cosplay is all about, not so much the competition part, but taking what you’ve created and showing it off to others for them to to enjoy. Below you’ll find some of the big winners from the Fan Expo Canada cosplay Competition.

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