Sindel Cosplay is here to take your Soul

Sindel has “recently” made a somewhat triumphant return to the world of Mortal Kombat 11, and because of it, we have this amazing cosplay to share with your today. Mortal Kombat 11 has been a big hit with fans from around the world and has started to epic DLC full of character additions. The Queen has returned, and now you must check out this truly spectacular Sindel Cosplay.

You may have heard this from me before, but the team over at Netherrealm Studios does such an outstanding job on character creation from the Mortal Kombat series. Everything they do lends itself so nicely to the cosplay community. The details they put into each one of the characters are so diverse, that cosplayers can’t help but want to create perfect replicas of the in-game characters. When new Downloadable Content (DLC) is released post-launch to the main game, you can almost hear the rush of many cosplayers, so busy in their crafting rooms, feverishly creating the new batch of characters that are being introduced to the game. When it really comes down to it, the creative team from a lot of our favourite games has a lot to do with the Cosplay we end up getting in the community. They deserve a “Thank You” for being so creative.

So who do we have here? None other than Share My Cosplay favourite, Cosplayer Anna Shakh (Instagram). You’ve certainly seen lots of previous posts on here featuring this oh-so-talented cosplayer, here is another (Hint, Anna gets featured so often on our site, as she constantly sends us top-notch cosplay to share with our fans. See more here).

We’ve certainly said it before, and we will gladly say it again, a good Cosplay Photographer can go a long way. This set is really no different. Photographer Andrey Modey (Instagram) has truly done a remarkable job. From adding in all of Sindel’s magical powers to the amazing colouring job on all of the shots. As a fan of everything Mortal Kombat, this Sindel Cosplay really can’t be beat. What do you think of this cosplay? Leave a comment below or find our post on Twitter / Instagram, we want to know what you think.

Please check out both Anna Shakh’s & Andrey Modey’s work on Social Media. You seriously won’t be disappointed. As well while you have your favourite social platform open, please feel free to give Share My Cosplay a follow too, we can be found on every platform under @Sharemycosplay (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Facebook).

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