SMC Special: Wayback Wednesday 2015 Geekie Awards

I am taking you on a trip back wayback…actually it was just to last October but hey that is far enought! My very best experience of 2015 would have to be attending the 2015 Geekie Awards. So here is just a glimpse of what my experience was like and some pictures to prove that it all happened.

Day 1 – Tuesday October 13th, 2015
Flight from Detroit to Los Angeles
This happened to be my very first time flying alone. It was not as bad as I had imagined and knowing that my very best friend TishTini was going to be picking me up from LAX made it so much easier. When I arrived we drove around and even visited the WB lot…from the outside of course. It was so amazing being there. Honestly LA has always been a dream of mine so visiting always makes me happy.

Day 2 – Wednesday October 14th, 2015
Day of the Creator Pre-Party: Presented by OZ
TishTini and I arrived at Hotel Figueroa early so that we could meet up with our amazing friend from WowWee Lisa Gunner. (Talk about a firecracker, this lady is seriously wonderful and if you haven’t checked out WowWee you really should just saying!) It was time to get ready so we did what any geekie girls would do we put together our geek inspired outfits.

This night was amazing. I was able to meet so many of the nominees, hang out with so many talented people including Stephanie Pressman, Mari Ruiz, and Kristen Nenopak, and party the night away.

Day 3 – Thursday October 15th, 2015
The Geekie Awards at Club Nokia
Are you kidding me? My very first call sheet. OMG this seriously cannot be happening to me? We arrived at Club Nokia partially ready to rock around 3:30. When we arrived I seriously could not believe the amazing dressing room that was waiting for us. The Geekie Awards had us set up in style and I was geeking out hard because some of my absolute favorite cosplayers were all there. Photos below are courtesy of Kirk Tran Photography.

Our role for the night was to be awards bearers meaning we hand the awards to the presenters to hand over to the winners. Each one of us had no idea who we would be standing on stage with but I was in for the biggest shock of my life. A crew member came in right as the show was ready to begin and asked for three cosplayers so I along with two other cosplayers volunteered. I was second in the lineup and noticed someone out of the corner of my eye it was KEVIN SMITH. I stood motionless for a minute and regained my composure (act like a professional Brittany seriously). I then was handed the award and walked on stage…to my surprise I was handing the award to JASON MEWES. Ok I was in shock so happy, so surprised, walking on air. Jason handed the award to Kevin and I did not think that things could get any better but they did they definitely did. Photos below are courtesy of Joe Lester.

I seriously cannot put into words my experience so here is the video. Fast forward to 8:13 and see exactly what I am talking about or watch the entire thing because it is awesome.

My night did not end there. I was able to go back onstage again and hand over another award with Cas Anavar and Courtney Taylor. I was so excited to have such a great experience and then I spent the evening hanging out with the wonderful WowWee crew, TishTini, Alicia Marie, and other fantastic cosplayers.

Day 4, 5, & 6 – October 16th- October 18th, 2015
No way did all of this just happen? Can I move to LA? Sadly not yet, so back to reality… well maybe not just yet. I still had a few days left in LA so I was able to hang out with my friend TishTini some more and even go to Disneyland for the first time. I seriously cannot thank her and her family enough for letting me spend time with them. I had the most amazing year because of their wonderful hospitality. Also none of this would have been possible without these amazing individuals:
TishTini (Cosplay Soulmate)
Stephanie Pressman (Superstar Actress)
Kristen Nenopak (Creator of the Geekie Awards)
Christopher Kapelski (My Amazing Boyfriend)

For more information about the 2015 Geekie Awards check out the videos and photos on their website