SMC: Three Cons in three Countries! (Part 2)


Last year we did a quick article on “Three Cons in Three Countries”, which from the title know you can see where we were going with it. Now con season has started again, and looks like it’s going to be another one of those weekends!  Three Cons in Three Countries – Part 2.

This weekend is certainly a busy one for #TeamSMC (check our new hashtag for convention coverage starting this weekend on your favourite social media platform). Having a team of interested cosplayers spread across the world certainly helps us achieve this awesome feat.

Here is the breakdown.

First here in the homeland, Canada. We have long time SMC team member Bandit Spurs spending her time at one of the biggest Anime conventions in Canada, at Anime North. Bandit Spurs will be there the whole weekend covering all of the latest cosplays, and we even have our fingers crossed we may get some video for the convention. If you planning on attending, I’d definitely recommend finding Bandit Spurs on Saturday, as she will be debuting her FemGanondorf cosplay which she has been slaving away at for the last few months.


Second, we have both cosplayer IzzyBoom (Paige) and photographer James Bissett heading out to MCM London. Now, this is one of the bigger events across the pond in the UK, so we can only assume we will see some AAA cosplays being shown off. Both SMC team members will be on the prowl looking to cover all of the awesomeness.

Last but not least, we have the wacky happenings of Gothic Sushsi heading to one of Florida’s biggest events… Megacon! If you follow Gothic Sushi already I’m sure you’re aware of all of her hi-jinks, but if not, stop her and say hello, I’m sure she will have something totally crazy awesome to say to you

Well, that’s how our weekend plans are shaping up. How about you? Let us know which cons you’ll be attending this summer in the comments below.

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