Share My Cosplay Style: Amber Arden (Snow White)

When I first met Amber Arden at San Diego Comic Con 2014, I was convinced that she was Snow White. With beautiful pale skin, ruby red lips, dark hair, and the sweetest voice there is no doubt in my mind that she is the fairest of them all. Even in her Snow Bafett (Snow White meets Boba Fett) she captures the character of Snow White so perfectly.

Amber’s talent is beyond belief. Being able to mashup characters in a way that is elegant and fun is challenging, but she does it with ease. She is also one of the nicest cosplayers I have ever met. She interacts with her followers daily on Instagram and posts helpful videos on her YouTube channel. In true Snow White style, Amber shines and is a beauty that is timeless.

I am truly impressed with her amazing style and think that the way she has been able to portray Snow White in so many ways is absolutely amazing. Here are my top looks but make sure to follow her for more amazing Snow White Style!

My Top 5 Favorite Snow White Looks (Photos by Fat Man Photography)

1. Classic Snow White – This look is timeless and will forever be my number one favorite. Amber absolutely stunning in this picture.  amber1

2. Dapper Snow White – Classy, fun, and the look of a true Princess.

3. Pin Up Snow White – Watch out for the poison apple! This look is amazing and a great combination of sexy and classy.
amber 2

4.  Rosie the Riveter Snow White – How amazing is this? amber

5. Snow Bafett – Truly one of the best costumes of all time.
Amber  (2)

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