SMC Spotlight: Tomb Raider with Jade Jolie

Here on SMC when talking about cosplay we often mention the ideas of iconic characters, and if we had to make a list one of those characters near the top would certainly by Lara Croft.
As a gamer I can remember being first introduced to Lara Croft in the original tomb raider for PSX, and looking back now, I can’t believe it’s been twenty years. Lara holds a big place in a lot of people memories and for good reason. Lara is such a strong female lead and something the gaming industry was desperately in need of when she first appeared on the scene so many years ago.

Comparison: Game Vs Cosplay

That being said this is a site about cosplay, and lets get back on track. With Tomb Raider and Lara being around for over twenty years now, this means one thing for sure, lots of different potential cosplays. Unlike a lot of other characters Lara Croft has certainly evolved over the years, and I for one have to say love the look of the modern Lara from “Rise of The Tomb Raider”.

Comparison: Game Vs Cosplay #2

Twitch streamer Jade Jolie (Twitter / Deviant Art) is featured below, has been working feverishly with the 20 years of Tomb Raider celebrations (#TombRaider20 on Twitter).

Check out the awesome shots of Jade as Lara from Rise of The Tomb Raider below. As well make sure you follow Jade on Twitch to catch out her Tomb Raider streams, as she plays through all Lara Crofts adventures.
Photographer: Tony Monckton (Website)

Behind the scenes with Jade

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