Best Star Wars Cosplay ever with Tabula Rasa!

Star Wars Cosplay - Tabula Rasa

Star Wars is a fandom that has already defined multiple generations and is on its way to define yet another. With Disney’s purchase of the franchise has come a new injection of life into the series. With last year’s release of the much anticipated Force Awakens and the growing love of Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Star Wars is back in a big way. All this means one thing, more Star Wars Cosplay.

With all of that new life comes an inevitable comparison between old and new. The new trilogy in the works certainly has managed to capture the feel of what started it all, but there will always be a special place in everyone’s heart for what is now known as the original trilogy.

This spotlight features the work of cosplayer Tabula Rasa Cosplay, who we’ve featured several times here on the site (Supergirl) and on our social media pages.  Tabula Rasa is joined by the ever-talented Richard Dufault of Open Shutter Photography. Together they’ve managed to truly work some cosplay magic, and have created an awesome set that every Star Wars fan can appreciate. Tabula Rasa takes on the role of Luke Skywalker and the famous Dagobah scenery of The Empire Strikes Back. Both Richard as the photographer and Tabula Rasa as Luke manage to capture every essence that went into the original film and faithfully recreates it in the shots below.

Richard Dufault (the photographer) suggested the theme for the photo shoot and I jumped at the idea even though I only had a few days to pull together a costume. I’m really pleased with how everything turned out! — Tabula Rasa

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