Share My Cosplay Spotlight: Stacey Rebecca As Deathstroke (Part 2)

Last week we featured Stacey Rebecca’s amazing Armored Deathstroke, and we figured there was no way to better follow it up, than with her equally as awesome Lady Slade #cosplay!

Slade Wilson is the alter eqo to Deathstroke, much like Bruce Wayne is to the Batman! Cosplayer Stacey Rebecca is super talented and once again pulls off another killer set as can be seen in the pictures below.

You can see more of what Stacey Rebecca has been up to on Facebook & Twitter

StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke5

StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke6 StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke4
StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke3 StaceyOfGotham_Deathstroke2









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