Slave Leia Disney Mashup for the win!

First off who doesn’t love a good Disney mashup? We always knew when Disney purchased the Star Wars Franchise for 4 billion dollars that this would lead to some truly epic cosplays. The set below is totally re-enforcing our initial statement, and cosplayers Hendo Art, Elizabeth Rage, Rian Synnth, and Ashlynne Dae look simply stunning in their Disney Princess inspired Slave Leia mashups!

Our good friend FirstGlance Photography was more than happy to share these amazing shots of these talented cosplayers, and we’re so honored to be able to share them with all of our readers.

This group of super talented cosplayers has really done an outstanding job at creating something to get noticed. Slave Leia has always been a popular cosplay to see at conventions, mixing Leia up with the Disney Princess’ is the best thing since sliced bread.

We can only imagine the looks of wonder they received when walking the floors of any convention. 

The set below really proves that you can create anything in cosplay and that this community is truly spectacular.

We can’t wait until the next Disney Mashup comes our way. if it’s anything like these ones, they are all going to be spectacular! 

Slave Leia Disney Mashup Cosplay Group shot

Group Shot

Elizabeth.Rage as Slave Belle - Disney Mashup

Elizabeth Rage

Disney Mashup - Slave Leia - Elizabeth Rage

Elizabeth Rage

Ashlynne Dae Slave Elsa

Ashlynne Dae

Rian Synnth - Slave Leia Mashup

Rian Synnth

Disney Mashup - Rian Synnth - Slave Mulan

Rian Synnth

Hendo Art - Slave Pocahontas - Disney Mashup

Hendo Art

Hendo Art - Slave Leia

Hendo Art

Rian Synnth on Facebook | Twitter
Elizabeth.Rage on Facebook | Twitter
HendoArt on Facebook | Twitter
AshlynneDae on Facebook | Twitter 

Photographer: FirstGlance Photography| Facebook | Twitter 

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