Share My Cosplay Spotlight: RWBY at MCM London 2016

Related to our first post from MCM London 2016, we figured a good follow up post to the RWBY interview would be to feature some of the amazing cosplay from the series.

When we knew here at SMC, that we would have the chance to interview both Barbara and Linsday, TeamSMC went into action and knew that it would be nice to highlight some RWBY cosplay from the convention. Well like always James Bissett went to work, and managed to capture the shots you see below.

We thanks the many cosplayers, Ohmyeggs, Wilddd Cosplay, Windsock Cosplay, B4-The-Infection & Sketch McDraw who allowed us to feature their hardwork on our site.

The people over at Rooster Teeth have certainly created an amazing show, and we here at SMC are glad that we could help where we can with support for the show.

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B4-The-Infection | Facebook |
Sketch McDraw Cosplay | Facebook |

Photographer: James Bissett Photography|Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

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